My week so far….

I work at a very popular store that is in  most malls across the U.S.   During my shifts, I have the oppurtounity to observe the difference in the human race and the differences that each person chooses to present as their own image to the rest of us.  Now, in my job I sell numerous objects, many are sex toys. One defining description of my job is to inform the public of how to safetly care for and clean said toys.  I do not find this a difficult task and by any means, it is not a difficullt task for people to do in their own homes.  Please bear with me and the language I use to describe my encounter with one young gentlemen at work.

This young man came in to my store, who i would apoximate his age to be aound 19 or 20,  to buy a cock ring.  These devices are not, pardond the pun, hard to use.  Nor are they hard to clean, but upon my advice on using the proper cleaner and techniques for safety, this young gentlemen proceeds to tell me that he is not worried about any of this and he will just use shoe cleaner…   I’m sorry? What? Why?  I did not say any of this out loud but I know for sure the expressions crossed my face.  After several minutes of trying to explain why this was not the greatest idea I had ever heard, I finally just exclaimed “let me know how this works for you.”   I am currently awaiting results.


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