Daily Promt

<a href="Swarm“>Swarm     My first thought when reading the word for this promt was an image of a lone person in the middle of the ocean with sharks circling.   Not just any regular old sharks but mutant sharks with two heads and the ability to reason like a human.  I believe my subconscious is coloring everything in my life right now with my problems.  So many times,  a person trys  to problem solve and anything you look at or think about takes on the form of that problem.  

      In my case,  my mutant sharks are major life decisions  attacking me,  ready to rip me to shreds at a moments notice.  All the while,  I’m just trying to tred water, looking for the safety of land, and maybe just maybe not be torn to pieces.  

   It’s amazing how the human brain reasons,  how we see our problems.  Maybe it’s this kind of creative process that will unravel the knot to a solution.   Who knows,  maybe my mutant sharks will decide not to eat me and just be like ” Hey,  saw you were drowning in the ocean.   Me and the boys thought you could use a lift. ” 


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